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Pilot plants and R&D infra


R&D infrastructure, pilot plants and top professionals at your service

Speed up commercialisation of your new product and processes – with no need for early investment in your own pilot plants and other expensive R&D tools.

VTT's versatile state-of-the-art research infrastructure is a key asset in serving our customers. Along with modern laboratories and top-level characterisation tools, our R&D infrastructure includes a unique selection of pilot plants serving the major steps of the development chain – all seamlessly integrated with the skilled professionals at VTT and our cooperation network. 

Evaluating a new concept or process necessitates running and iterating the process in real-life while keeping track of the techno-economical parameters. The piloting opportunities and skilled experts at VTT bridge the gap between laboratory-scale development and the commercial production of new breakthrough technologies. 

VTT has a versatile set of pilot plants for many industrial development chains: from raw material sourcing and processing through smart industrial conversions to application testing and demonstration. 

Piloting at VTT is supported by a critical mass of expertise. We can provide experienced professionals and other R&D services, among others in material science, process modelling, chemistry, biotechnology, analytics and techno-economic feasibility studies. We also have expertise in preparing sustainability assessments, and can help you find sources of R&D funding.

 Biomass processing and products

VTT's state-of-the-art pilot facilities in the field of biomass fractionation and pulping, industrial biotechnology, process chemistry and food technologies also include a broad selection of advanced analytical tools for biomass product characterisation. The multi-purpose facilities are designed to serve a large variety of scale-up, test material production and custom manufacturing tasks. The equipment is operated by skilled and experience personnel and supported by VTT's scientists and analytical tools. The customer's own personnel are welcome to participate in the pilot trials. 

Advanced analytics and characterisation »

We can analyse the chemical composition and structure of a wide variety of biomass types and their fractions, and thus provide information on their valorisation potential. 

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Biomass fractionation and pulping »

Our versatile facilities and skilled personnel enable effective development and scale-up of new biomass processing technologies and concepts.

Foam forming platform »

The foam forming platform of VTT is built on years of research, experienced personnel, and the unique laboratory and pilot facilities.

Plastic materials and composites »

We have comprehensive research facilities for the processing of plastics and composites. These include various pre- and post-processing equipment as well as extrusion, compounding and moulding machines from laboratory to pilot-scale.

​​​Surface treatment concept (SUTCO) »

Versatility of the surface treatment line opens new opportunities for the development of new products, processes and to trial new ideas economically for chemical suppliers, printing houses, converters, brand owners and for industry manufacturing various base materials. 


Sustainable energy and chemical technologies

Our versatile test facilities mean new solutions can be brought rapidly from the laboratory to industrial piloting and demonstration. The world-leading piloting units for biomass gasification, fast pyrolysis and fluidised bed combustion are based on over 30 years of technology development and experience. Our expertise covers the entire chain from biomass logistics to various conversion technologies, and we can help you with feasibility studies, technology development and troubleshooting services.

​​​BIORUUKKI pilot centre »

Bioruukki is one of VTT´s most significant investments this decade. In this world-class piloting centre we can demonstrate how concrete results can come out of bioeconomy enabling technologies.

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Chemical pilots »

Our flexible pilot environment offers a cost-efficient way to run trials without early investment into the client's own capacity.

​​​Fast pyrolysis – conversion of biomass to bio-oil»

Solid biomaterials may be converted with high efficiency into liquid biofuels using fast pyrolysis and  the advantage of our  technology is that it is suited for integration to existing power plants, and it makes possible distributed production of high value products.

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​​​Fluidised bed combustion»

We have unique facilities to study phenomena of fluidised bed and grate firing processes. The experimental installation has been used to various R&D subjects as well as to industrial projects related to power plant investments.

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​​​Gasification of biomass and waste»

Through gasification, biomass can be converted into a gaseous intermediate which allows for clean and high-efficiency production of a wide range of end-products including chemicals, transportation fuels, power and heat. 

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 Industrial biotechnology and food solutions

We have advanced pilot plants for biomaterial processing and converting to new innovative and sustainable industrial products. The pilot-scale research environments are available for fibre and foam web production, roll-to-roll coating and packaging material research, and plastic materials and biocomposites. Our research infra offers modern and flexible facilities and skilled personnel for performing application and converting development, thus complementing the development chain for new biobased materials. More traditional development and scale-up work, such as testing of new raw-materials, additives, process chemicals or processing parameters, can also be performed effectively.

​​​Bioprocess development »

Our bioprocess engineering in connection with in-house bioinformatics, modelling and production host engineering offers unique possibilities to develop novel solutions.

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​​​Food processing and brewing pilot »

Our Food processing and brewing pilot offers high quality equipment for pilot-scale product development and process optimisation.

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Creation Lab - flexible collaboration space 

We organise productive events for companies, organisations and research projects. Send us an email if you are interested in collaborative and participatory development. Bring your meeting here!

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Machines and vehicles research facilities 

We have unique equipment and facilities for research on machines and vehicles, enabling the creation of entirely new innovations and the further development of existing machinery and vehicles. These research facilities cover an extremely broad range of experimental research on everything from batteries to ships. On the basis of our high-quality research, we can reduce customers' costs and improve product efficiency and equipment lifecycle management by finding suitable solutions that meet customers' needs.

​​​Battery testingfacilities »

The testing capabilities in our facilities for battery technology R&D range from single cell tests to modules and full-sized battery systems in different environment and loading conditions.

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​​​Engine emissions research facility »

We are eagerly seeking new methods and science-based innovations for minimizing engine emission levels globally.

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Engineering technology testing unit»

The purpose of the testing facility is to strengthen the existing product validation and research activities.

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​​​Fuel cell and hydrogen research  »

The work at VTT Fuel Cells and Hydrogen focuses primarily on the most common low temperature and high temperature FC&H2 technologies.

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​​​Noise control and sound quality facilities»

We have top-notch experimentation, development and measurement facilities. They include 55 m2 semi-anechoic laboratory and 120 m² acoustically treated product development laboratory.

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Ship model test facilities »

The ship model test facilities are used to validate the hydrodynamic performance of ship and propulsion devices. The model tests also provide validation material for numerical hydrodynamic analyses of marine applications.

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​​​Vehicle emissions and energy use»

We provide comprehensive research facilities and versatile equipment to measure energy use and emissions from engines or complete vehicles simulating real-world duty cycles taken from both on-road and non-road applications.

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 Materials technology research facility

VTT has a set of unique and sophisticated experimental facilities available for materials research and development services. The facilities are in many cases used in integration, and in the hands of our staff with decades of experience and multi-technological background they will serve you in developing your business.

New material solutions enable unique competitiveness through, for instance, enhanced efficiency, resistance to extreme conditions, friction behaviour and even the material's active functionality.

​​​Research hall »

The research facility provides extremely broad coverage of different areas of material testing. The Research Hall houses autoclave laboratories, a non-destructive testing laboratory, a creep laboratory, a hot corrosion laboratory, and fatigue-testing equipment etc.

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Tribology research facilities»

We carry out our experimental friction and wear research in the temperature and humidity controlled laboratory environment, with special emphasis on reliability and repeatability of measurements.

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​​​Corrosion research facilities

To provide our customer the best possible service, we have various research facilities. Majority of the techniques can be applied parallel to be able to tackle complex research needs. Many techniques can be also applied in-field.

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 Micro- and printed electronics manufacturing facilities

Create next generation electronic products today with VTT's world-leading pilot manufacturing infrastructure and services. We offer scale-up from prototypes to mass manufacturing and material, process, and product verification

​​​Cleanroom facility for micro-electronics»

VTT is the provider of a world-class cleanroom facility. The 2 600 m² Micronova R&D cleanroom is fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems.

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​​​Printed intelligence pilot manufacturing»

We offer a unique roll-to-roll (R2R) pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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 Remote Operations and Virtual Reality Centre

​​​ROViR »

The ROViR research centre provides services and solutions for remote operation and virtual reality technology applications in industry.

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VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety


VTT offers flexible multi-scale experimental environments for material testing. Together with our computational capabilities and profound expertise they form a unique set of services for decision making in engineering and safety analysis.

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