Hydrometallurgy technologies

Hydrometallurgy uses aqueous chemistry to recover metals from ores. The method helps extract further value from the planet’s precious resources, concentrates, and recycled or residual materials in a more sustainable way.

We offer expertise in hydro- and biohydrometallurgy and mechanical treatment for the recovery of metals.  

We can, for example, help you develop an efficient method to extract metals from minerals, or conduct piloting and modelling to determine whether it’s technically feasible to extract metals from a certain material stream.  

Our key infrastructure:

  • Reactors for leaching and precipitation 
  • Continuous solvent extraction mixer-settler equipment 
  • Bioreactors 
  • Pilot system for batch trials and continuous bench-piloting 
  • Circular Raw Materials Hub laboratory 
  • VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre 

We provide:

  • Support for process development  
  • Tailored piloting for chemical leaching, precipitation, bioleaching and solvent extraction 
  • Process modelling 


  • Mining industry 
  • Recycling companies 
  • Equipment suppliers 
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Kristoffer Lund
Kristoffer Lund
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Chemistry