Sustainable manufacturing technologies

The sustainable manufacturing infrastructure helps you to create more efficient manufacturing processes, safer production and more enjoyable and ergonomic working environments. The infrastructure supports the industrial metaverse approach, human-robot interaction, human factors and user experience studies while also fostering co-creation.

Our sustainable manufacturing research infrastructure helps you develop and streamline your company’s processes. It enables the holistic road mapping, orchestration and implementation of specific technologies, methods and processes.  

We can help you determine, for example, whether you would benefit from using robots or remote operating. With our expertise and sophisticated infrastructure, we can offer industrial metaverse enablers. You can test and develop entirely new solutions for robotics, remote operation, mixed reality solutions and industrial work. 

Our infrastructure covers Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, service robots and human-robot interaction. With the infrastructure, you can dive deep into human factors and user experience studies, co-creation work and participatory design approach. The infrastructure covers emerging technologies that are changing industrial work and user experiences.  

Our key infrastructure:

  • Industrial, collaborative and mobile robots with accessories (e.g. laser profilers, 3D scanners, cameras) 
  • Robots with payloads and accessories 
  • Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) studies laboratories and technologies 
  • Remote operation and telepresence solutions
  • AR and VR technologies 
  • Tracking technologies 


  • Companies 
  • Public sector 
  • Finnish Defence Forces 
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Sini Rytky
Sini Rytky
Solution Sales Lead, Cognitive Production Industry
Antti Väätänen
Antti Väätänen
Technology manager