Resource-sufficient water management

VTT develops solutions for resource sufficient water management, starting from identifying hot spots to developing innovative concepts and technologies to minimise water consumption and pollutant discharge. We provide modelling, monitoring and water treatment solutions that support our customers to achieve sustainable water stewardship.

Key facts: resource-sufficient water management

Our water footprint analysis quantifies the impacts of direct and indirect water use, facilitating evaluation of local water stress in a product value chain 

We work with customers to develop and validate novel, tailored concepts for water reuse and resource efficient water treatment

VTT’s Smart Water solutions - including sensors, data management, modelling and interpretation - track performance and inform decision-making 

Too little, too much or too dirty - water resources are essential to sustainability planning. By 2030, existing freshwater supplies will satisfy only 60% of the global need. The biggest gap will be in the developing and most populated areas, where population growth and the standard of living are increasing most rapidly. At the same time, increasingly frequent and extreme flood events will challenge infrastructure resilience and the quality of water discharge. 

Too little, too much or too dirty - water resources are essential to sustainability planning

These challenges to both quantity and quality of freshwater resources require adaptive solutions that simultaneously address environmental, economic, technological, institutional and cultural factors.  

VTT’s water management services cover all aspects in this development chain:  

  • risk assessment and reduction 
  • monitoring, modelling and decision-support 
  • water quantity and quality solutions 
  • circular water economy and digital water technologies.

Innovations to reduce water use and dependence 

Limited freshwater resources as well as resource and energy intensive wastewater treatment drive innovations to reduce water use and water dependence. We calculate your water footprint and identify hot spots for improvement. We create resource efficient concepts to optimise your water reuse or purification to meet environmental discharge criteria. We advance the state-of-the-art concepts by validating innovations in water management using our versatile research and pilot facilities.  

Digitalisation is a key enabler to minimise water use and increase its energy efficiency. We develop novel smart sensors and automation systems to manage your water flows. Our data management and modelling solutions support improvements in economic efficiency and sustainable water use. Our digital services and products transform data into customised water management services and products.  

Resource recovery from waste 

Wastewater is a source of energy and essential nutrients. We design systems to create energy as biogas and to recover nutrients from wastewater. We create valuable biochar products from wastewater sludge. We develop novel solutions for decentralised stormwater treatment that reduce pressures on water infrastructure and improve the efficiency of resource recovery operations. We like to think ourselves as a one-stop shop for your water needs. 

Kirsi Kotilainen

Kirsi Kotilainen

Solution Sales Lead