Chemical and bioprocess development


To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, there is a pressing need to develop alternatives to fossil-based materials. Finding the right bio-based material, however, is just the first step. The bioprocess engineering team provides solutions for a variety of bioprocesses and exploitation of different organisms – from bacteria, yeasts, and fungi to algae and plant cells.

Precise monitoring and characterization of microbial physiology in process conditions facilitates optimisation and scale-up from bench scale cultivations to semi-industrial pilot scale processes.

Key facts

Get an analysis of the feasibility of a newly developed process and advance your bioproduction system to an optimised, industrially viable level.

Remove the need for investments in your own pilot production equipment.

More than 60 fermenters with real-time process monitoring and leading downstream processing equipment at your disposal.

Jari Rautio
Jari Rautio
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Biotechnology and Food