Cell factory


Engineered microbes and plant cells, also known as cell factories, can produce chemicals, polymers and proteins that are used in the materials and food ingredients industries. They work in closed bioreactors with high efficiency, specificity, and low energy requirements. At VTT, we leverage our extensive scientific and industrial experience to develop microbial cell factories for various biotechnical processes.

Key facts

Synthetic biology enables faster development of cell factories that enable sustainable production of chemicals, polymers, and proteins.

We support customers from start-ups to established companies, from an idea generation to a clearly defined use case. Our customers include the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, food and feed, beverage, flavour, and fragrance industries. 

VTT is a one-stop-shop for the development of cell factories from strain discovery to piloting.

Jari Rautio
Jari Rautio
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Biotechnology and Food