Nuclear energy

VTT provides a comprehensive set of services and solutions to support the safe and sustainable use of nuclear energy. We can help throughout the entire nuclear programme and the entire life span of a nuclear facility.

Key facts about nuclear energy

VTT covers practically all aspects of nuclear 

We have more than 200 experts in nuclear

We combine a wide variety of expertise to nuclear projects 

Today, there is an urgent need for low-carbon energy. Nuclear energy is widely seen as a feasible means for stable energy generation at a large scale, with low emissions. Finland has an exceptionally good track record in nuclear energy, applying multiple nuclear power technologies at world-class performance in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner. For more than four decades, VTT has been a key partner to all stakeholders in Finland’s nuclear sector, and we know the whole life span of a nuclear programme. We operate internationally, in collaboration with other Finnish companies, offering services for the successful use of nuclear energy around the world.

VTT looks beyond current nuclear technologies and assists in the technology development as well as nuclear licensing.

VTT is well networked in the nuclear sector. We are, for instance, an active member in the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) and especially in one of its pillars; the Nuclear Generation II and III Alliance (NUGENIA, VTT being one of its founding members), and an active member of the European Technology Platform on Implementing Geological Disposal (IGD-TP) and the European Technical Safety Organisations’ Network (ETSON). In Finland VTT is the coordinator for the national research programmes for both nuclear safety (SAFIR2022) and nuclear waste management (KYT2022)

VTT has unique experimental and computational infrastructure, and profound expertise in a wide variety of technologies as well as cognitive sciences. The VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety is our infrastructure for ensuring safety and efficiency in nuclear power generation and radwaste management. We have more than 200 nuclear energy or radioactive waste management experts, in addition to which, we can combine other relevant expertise from within the organisation. You are also welcome to discuss new technologies in the nuclear industry like wireless data transfer, artificial intelligence, cyber security or virtual and augmented reality.

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Erika Holt

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Matti Paljakka

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