Food and beverage solutions

VTT’s food and beverage research and development work enables the transition towards sustainable food system and customised manufacturing processes that support individual wellbeing. The cornerstone of innovation services is based on smart plant-based and bioprocessing technologies that enable renewal of food processes.

Key facts about food and beverage solutions

We create plant-based technologies for appealing and healthy oat-based products.

Biotechnology is a versatile tool for future food and beverage design: from egg without chicken to flavourful beer.

Agile food manufacturing will facilitate the transition of food system towards sustainability.

We help our partners in the transition towards sustainable food system and tailored food and beverage solutions that support individual wellbeing. Our R&D services focus on innovations that enable using plant and side-stream as food materials. We harness biotechnology for renewal and improvement of food processes. We develop food processes and services that are based on cross-industry innovations and generate new business opportunities.

In 2025 we aim to have increased the use of new plant-based food processes and products leading to a 20% reduction of animal protein consumption per capita in Europe. 

Our vision is that the use of new plant-based food processes and products will lead to a 20% reduction of animal protein consumption per capita in Europe by 2025. By 2035, we see that cellular agriculture products will be an established dietary nutrient source on a global scale, and personalised food manufacturing will have become common.  

Plant-based food and beverage solutions

VTT has profound knowledge on plant-based ingredients and food design, as well as development of fermented beverages: particularly beer solutions. Our expertise covers everything from raw material understanding to end product innovations. We have facilities from lab to pilot-scale, including comprehensive analytical platforms, including sensory quality and consumer insight.

  • We develop ingredient and food technologies for valorization of side-streams (e.g. brans, press cakes, spent grains) and low-value raw materials (e.g. low value fish).
  • We have unique milling and dry-fractionation facilities and biotechnology expertise for raw material processing as well as profound food pilot equipment, in particular for cereal food processes.
  • We develop multifunctional hybrid ingredients to maximise the use of natural resources for healthy food products.
  • We offer our pilot malting and brewing facilities to optimise the use of raw materials, fermentative organisms, and process conditions, as well as for production of new flavorful beverages.  

Biotechnology and bioprocesses in food production

VTT offers versatile expertise in industrial biotechnology that enables harnessing microbes and enzymes for food and beverage development as well as transition to cellular agriculture. Our services include development of microbes and enzymes from design and screening to pilot-scale production and application testing. We utilise our top-level strain development and production tools.

  • In order to create new cellular agriculture solutions, we develop technologies to exploit microbes and cell cultures for food biomass (single cell protein, plant cells) and ingredient (e.g. protein, lipids) production.
  • Our clients benefit from our extensive culture collection with multiple strains of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and plant cell cultures.  
  • Enzymes and microbes are key tools in improving production and modification of ingredients and food design.  
  • We use a range of non-GM development techniques to create improved strains applicable in brewing and food processes.   

Agile food manufacturing for personalised food and eating services

We offer multi-disciplinary expertise that aggregates and analyses big data from suppliers, manufacturers and consumers, and adapts Industry 4.0 to enable development of innovative food manufacturing processes and services. We combine information and sensing technologies to automated processing units to develop personalised solutions for unique eating experiences that generate new business opportunities and promote healthy eating and good life

  • We develop innovative sensing technologies for collecting information from the environment, processes and people.
  • We focus on data mining and analysis to designing new processes at industry and consumer interface. 
  • We design new personalised food production and service concepts to promote individual wellbeing.  
  • We develop food ingredient and processing technologies for personalised food manufacturing, for example, on-demand customised snack production snacking (baked, spoonable and drinkable). 
  • We leverage automation through integrated mechatronics and robotics technologies. 

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Jukka Vainionpää
Jukka Vainionpää
Customer Account Lead

Demand for food is growing at the same rate as the world population. Food production needs to be both sufficiently efficient and less harmful for the environment than before. The challenge is massive, but big steps have already been taken in the right direction.

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