Power-to-X and electrification of industries


Electrification has a crucial role in responding to the climate crisis. From transportation to manufacturing, electrification of our societies and industries is essential. With power-to-x (P2X) technologies, we can respond to the challenges of the seasonal and intermittent nature of most renewable energy sources and turn excess electricity and substances into end-products that can be used as raw materials.

VTT’s focus areas on Power-to-X and industrial electrification

VTT aims to develop P2X technologies that can address the renewable energy intermittency issue and contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

We focus on P2X solutions that can be technologically and economically feasible with tangible benefits to industry. 

VTT works on P2X and electrification with customers from different industries e.g. oil refining, cement and lime, iron and steel, pulp and paper.

Pasi Kokko
Pasi Kokko
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Energy and Hydrogen