Photonics technology

Photonics is a key enabling technology for a number of applications ranging from telecommunications to medical and to industrial sensing. VTT’s areas of expertise in photonics include silicon photonics, hyperspectral imaging, packaging from wafer-level to modules, industrial optical devices and systems as well as machine vision. VTT's photonics research infrastructure enables the innovation, design, prototyping and characterisation of photonics devices.

VTT has decades of experience in the development of photonics. In our cleanroom in Micronova, we design and manufacture, among other things, photonic integrated circuits and miniaturised Fabry-Perot interferometers for hyperspectral applications. 

Heterogeneous integration methods allow us to develop and manufacture complicated photonic systems as well as  demanding, customised instrumentation using spectroscopy and machine vision technologies. We have the needed capabilities to produce optical modules and systems that integrate photonics with signal processing, machine vision and AI. 

We have extensive know-how in the development cycle of optical instruments: everything from defining measurement principles, designing instruments and building quick prototypes for feasibility testing in field conditions to final product development. 

Our key infrastructure:

  • Cleanroom facilities for silicon photonics, optical MEMS and packaging 
  • Optics and photonics characterisation and development laboratories 
  • Optical design and simulation tools   
  • Module packaging pilot lines 

We provide:

  • Design, prototyping and pilot manufacturing of photonic components and systems 
  • Metrology-level characterisation and calibration services 


  • Telecom industry 
  • Healthcare industry 
  • Transport industry 
  • Space industry 
  • Consumer industry 
  • Industrial processes sector 
  • Mining and materials sector 
  • Defence and security sector 
  • Semiconductor industry 
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Tommi Suni
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