Secured connectivity solutions

Our digital society demands continuous development of telecommunications technology. And with increasing digitalisation, the need for secure and resilient connectivity grows. At VTT, we develop RF front-end devices as well as terrestrial and space-based network solutions to increase data bandwidth. To ensure secure communications, we focus on next-generation cyber security solutions for devices and networks. In addition, we investigate new paradigms like post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution.

At VTT, we have over 80 years of experience in RF development. We run Millilab – the ESA external laboratory for millimetre-wave technologies. What is more, we have extensive RF characterisation facilities and anechoic chambers for over-the-air testing. For space communication development, we also have an on-site ground station.

Our facilities enable the performance and cybersecurity testing of network devices, network management solutions, air interfaces and network supported services. For defence-related characterisations, we host a separate war room.

We also have a testbed for the development of quantum key distribution (QKD) solutions.

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Our key infrastructure:

  • RF characterisation facilities
  • Anechoic chambers

We provide:

  • Research and development services from innovation to design, fabrication and characterisation
  • Testbed characterisation services
  • Cyber security testing and solution development
  • Data Link Lab as a Service (DLLaaS) – Data link research facility to support R&D&I work on data links, critical communication and critical infrastructure industry.


  • Cyber security sector
  • Space sector
  • Defence and security sector
  • Public safety sector
  • Telecom manufacturers
  • Semiconductor component suppliers
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Mikko Salomaa
Mikko Salomaa
Solution Sales Lead, Safe and Connected Society