Why partner with us

We help our customers to build new business and find solutions to global challenges through science and technology. Partnering with us allows you to create sustainable business opportunities and get involved in cutting-edge Finnish and international innovation networks.

Five ways to build new business through science

Benefits of partnering with VTT:

  • You can harness the full potential of your technology and innovation initiatives – Speed up your innovation process. Invest in the right development initiatives at the right time. Measure the effectiveness of your research and development efforts.     

  • You can anticipate technological development and business trends – Identify and take charge of future challenges and find new solutions. Use your resources wisely and minimise risks. Build a solid foundation for your strategy. 

  • You get to engage in strategic research – Create conditions for developing new products, services and business. Test the technological feasibility of new product and process concepts. Minimise economic risk by experimenting in a safe environment. 

  • You can develop new products and services – Turn your ideas into reality. Make decisions based on scientific facts. Solve complicated technical problems. Take advantage of creative interdisciplinary possibilities. 

  • You get access to the latest technology (IPR and licences) – Complement your technology portfolio with existing intellectual property. Gain a competitive edge from new commercial applications of unique, protected technologies. 

Three partnership models for innovation

Innovation comes from cooperation. That is why we involve businesses, other research centres, universities, technology policymakers as well as research funding agencies in our research and development projects. Our networks give our partners and customers access to a wide pool of international cutting-edge know-how, expertise and ecosystems. 

Here are three ways in which you can engage in cooperation with us: 

  • Customised partnership. Is your business facing a challenge that could be overcome with the help of research and technology? We plan and carry out customised commercial projects according to our customers’ wishes and needs.  

  • Cooperative project. Would you like to take part in a research project where the risk is split between multiple funding agencies? We regularly engage in cooperative projects that we co-finance with our business partners and research funding agencies, such as Business Finland and the EU. 

  • Membership in an innovation ecosystem. Are you interested in being involved in an innovation ecosystem that brings together businesses and international research partners to develop and test new technologies and business concepts together? VTT is an active member of a number of international innovation ecosystems, and we have also set up innovation ecosystems of our own in Finland, which look for solutions to challenges in fields such as smart energy, bioeconomy, synthetic biology, future foods, preventive health care, autonomous systems, industrial restructuring and electronics. 

We are also always conducting strategic research in order to anticipate our customers’ future needs. Read about our success stories. 

Researchers' ideas into business

One person is using a tablet and another is using VR glasses

VTT iBEX is a runway for inventions that will change the world. Each year, the programme funds ten or so projects, each of which has come into being from the passion of a research scientists to solve the global challenge they find most fascinating. Experts have less than a year to find meaningful solutions for bottlenecks.

VTT LaunchPad is a deep-tech incubator where we create bold science-driven companies that build on cutting-edge research. VTT LaunchPad brings VTT researchers and technology together with the best business minds and investors out there to renew industries. 

Many of the most significant Finnish technology start-ups were brought to life at VTT.