Polymer pilot

Our polymer pilot infrastructure is designed for the experimental development of polymer and composite technologies, including biopolymers. The facilities can be used for research and innovation that improves the material performance and lifespan of plastics, from laboratory to pilot scale.

We develop high-performance, durable materials and methods to repair the molecular structure of polymers, retain their performance and allow recyclability. We have thermoplastic compounding capacity for R&D and pilot production. Our thermoplastic conversion expertise includes, for example, film and foam extrusion and injection moulding. 

Our service VTT PlasticsCompass helps you fulfil your strategy for sustainable material development. With VTT PlasticsCompass, you navigate efficiently through the entire innovation process from selection to polymer material development and validation.

These technologies and services support product reuse and remanufacturing business models and allow companies to make the most of their materials. 

Our key infrastructure:

Plastics processing and characterisation

  • Advanced compounding, upcycling and mechanical recycling platform 
  • PLASCO: tailored film and coating line 
  • Proprietary extruder for compacting low-density materials and plastic waste pre-treatment 
  • Polymer extrusion foaming and bead forming 
  • Clean room processing for plastic materials

Supporting characterisation and analytical equipment, such as: 

  • microscopy 
  • spectroscopy 
  • thermal, mechanical and morphological characterisations 
  • various analytical tools 

What we offer:

  • Demonstration and piloting 
  • Process and material research and development 
  • Mechanical plastic recycling 
  • Lab-scale development prior to piloting 
  • Compounding 
  • Injection moulding 
  • Film processing and coating 
  • Extrusion and particle foaming 
  • Micro-pelletising 
  • Pre- and post-processing 
  • Testing and characterisation 


  • Companies looking for sustainable plastic alternatives 
  • Recycling companies 
  • Compounders 
  • Packaging companies 
  • Converters 
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Kristoffer Lund
Kristoffer Lund
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Chemistry