Space technology


Space technology is no longer just a distant possibility, but it can be harnessed to benefit our day-to-day life on Earth. At VTT, we develop new space technologies to solve global challenges, create growth for industries and help people with their everyday problems.

Key facts

Space technologies can be harnessed to solve terrestrial problems: satellite communications enable connectivity in remote areas while remote sensing provides a time-efficient way to monitor algae, for example. 

VTT develops critical components and sensors for small satellites, tailors data analytics for Earth Observation applications such as algae monitoring as well as optimizes satellite constellations.

VTT is a forerunner in developing advanced satellite-terrestrial 5G and 6G communication networks and phased array components with satellite constellation design.

Working with VTT, you’ll get access to world-class researchers and over 20 years of experience in space innovation. With VTT, you’ll get a reliable partner who believes in long-term partnerships.

Jukka Kiviniemi
Jukka Kiviniemi
Customer Account Lead
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