Biopolymers offer sustainable, carbon neutral and renewable materials to replace fossil-based plastics. VTT has deep scientific knowledge and state of the art facilities from lab to pilot scale to develop novel biopolymers and bioplastics solutions.

What are biopolymers and how can we help?

Biopolymers are made from nature-based materials, either by using natural polymers such as cellulose or by polymerising bio-based monomers.

With biopolymers we can help you to find sustainable and biodegradable or  
compostable alternatives to replace oil-based products.

Our facilities and top researchers support you in finding solutions from  
monomers through polymers to the final applications.

Wouldn’t it be great if all plastics could be made from sustainable biomass such as wood instead of petroleum? What if future plastic materials could fit the principles of a circular economy with zero carbon dioxide emissions?

Biopolymer-based materials can replace fossil-based plastics and help  
fight global warming and plastic waste.

With our research and innovation know-how in biopolymers, we at VTT help customers bring this vision closer to a reality. Bioplastics are either manufactured totally or partly from biomass, or they degrade due to microbial action to water, CO2 and energy. In the future, packages, textiles and other commodity products are prepared more and more from these materials.

Fighting climate change and plastic waste

The EU and national governments are looking for ways to fight climate change and the growing challenge of plastic waste. Under the EU plastics strategy, single-use plastics will be phased out and all plastic packaging should be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030. The EU is also pursuing a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The use of bioplastics provides one answer to reach these goals.   

We develop biopolymers that are sustainable, carbon neutral and renewable, as they are made from nature-based materials.

From biopolymers to applications

VTT has excellent knowledge and state-of-the-art lab and pilot facilities to develop novel solutions based on biopolymers. We tailor the properties of natural polymers, especially cellulose, to meet the application and processing needs, and to create novel sustainable thermoplastic material solutions. We also develop new bioplastics with superior properties by polymerising monomers.  

We help customers develop and scale up new materials and demonstrate the use of these materials in various processes, such as thermoplastic extrusion all the way to the final full-scale product application. Moreover, our capabilities cover application development for biopolymers. 

Jouni Lattu

Jouni Lattu

Customer Account Lead