Biomass processing technologies

Processing bio-based raw materials and various side streams into valuable products is a key step towards a more sustainable future. Our versatile research infrastructure enables the experimental valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass. We create and pilot novel fibre products, textiles, biochemicals, bio-based alternatives for plastics and other components for a wide variety of industrial processes.

At VTT, we are experts in biomass fractionation processes and biomass processing technologies. Our research and piloting infrastructure in Bioruukki is a perfect fit for innovating new biomass processing solutions.

Scaling up the production of biobased materials from the laboratory to an industrial scale is a challenge. New materials don’t always behave as expected, and either the material itself or the manufacturing process may need to be adjusted. We offer the right infrastructure to fine-tune your processes, from laboratory scale to comprehensive piloting.

Our infrastructure allows you to innovate new uses for your existing lignocellulosic raw materials. You can also develop valuable applications for recycling and side streams. For example, the side stream of a food manufacturing process could be used to create the packaging for the food itself. To help you perfect the production process of cellulose films and coatings, VTT offers three modular pilot lines. We also have the infrastructure for developing and piloting new kinds of cellulose-based textiles.

Our key infrastructure:

  • VTT Bioruukki: a pilot centre for biomass fractionation and valorisation
  • Laboratories for biomass analytics 
  • VTT CelluloseFilms: a modular pilot line for cellulose films
  • SUTCO: a unique surface treatment pilot line for coating 
  • PLASCO: a tailored polymer piloting line
  • Biodegradability research laboratory

We provide:

  • Biomass fractionation including various pre-treatments (mechanical, chemical, enzymatic)
  • Nanocellulose manufacturing
  • Treatment and valorisation of lignin and other side-streams (bark, tannins, straw and textile waste) 
  • Manufacturing of nanocellulose films and coatings
  • Manufacturing of cellulose films via dissolution 
  • Characterisation of biomass and its components 
  • Surface sensitive analytics for lignocellulosics 
  • Cellulose dissolution and fibre spinning 
  • 3D printing (additive manufacturing) of biomaterials 
  • Biomass pre-treatment for bio-based chemicals 
  • Biodegradability and compostability of polymers, plastics and packaging materials
  • Methane production potential of bio-based materials


  • Companies looking to extract more value from their bio-based raw materials (wood, agriculture, food manufacturing side streams, etc.)
  • Companies interested in alternatives for plastic packaging (paper industry, converters, brand owners)
  • SMEs and start-ups wanting to scale up their production or product concept 
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Jaakko Kuusisaari
Jaakko Kuusisaari
Solution Sales Lead, Biomaterial Processing and Products