Quantum technology infrastructure

Quantum technology is a fast-developing field that opens up numerous possibilities for computing, communications and sensing in the future. With quantum computing, we will be able to solve previously unsolvable computational problems. In addition, quantum key distribution enables new, more secured communication methods. And with quantum sensors, we’ll be able to measure weak signals in medical and industrial applications that require extraordinary accuracy.

At VTT, we invest heavily in the development of our quantum technology infrastructure. In addition to being able to manufacture state-of-the art superconductive quantum hardware in-house, our cryogenic laboratory environment provides characterisation capabilities down to millikelvin temperatures. What is more, our 5-qubit in-house quantum computer Helmi is up and running and open for external users for research purposes. 

Our key infrastructure:

  • Helmi – 5-qubit quantum computer 
  • Cleanroom facility for manufacturing semiconducting, integrated photonics, graphene and superconducting components and systems 
  • Cryogenic characterisation laboratories for the characterisation of superconducting devices 
  • Wafer-level cryogenic probing and characterisation facilities 

We provide:

  • Research and development services from innovation to design, fabrication and characterisation 
  • Cryogenic 3D integration solutions 
  • Academic access to Helmi quantum computer via LUMI 
  • Quantum SW and algorithm development 
  • National quantum communication test infrastructure 


  • Quantum hardware developers 
  • Quantum sensor companies 
  • Quantum computer users 
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Piia Konstari
Piia Konstari