Lifetime analysis of systems and components


The lifetime expectancy of critical systems and components is vital, when operating and maintaining large-scale processes in e.g. power plants and other load-bearing structures. It is good practise to base the lifetime management and inspections on the assessed condition and related risk evolution, rather than to predetermined intervals. VTT ProperScan provides an in-depth lifetime analysis to help with wise decision-making.

Key facts

Understanding the performance of the material and the whole component in your specific application enables safe and cost-effective maintenance cycle planning. Choosing the right material and component design for the application requires balancing between cost and performance.

In-depth analysis of truecomponent in-service performance and failure mechanisms for avoiding future failures.

A Fitness-for-service assessment, based on established and widely accepted damage failure evaluation procedures, often allows extending component lifetime safely or informs if the damaged component needs to be replaced urgently.

Mika Malkamäki
Mika Malkamäki
Solution Sales Lead, Knowledge-Driven Design