Materials performance

The VTT Materials Performance infrastructure allows you to develop sustainable material solutions for extended lifespan and improved operational efficiency. Our Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) capabilities help you perfect a product’s life cycle, from materials to performance.

VTT’s research infrastructure covers both experimental materials performance testing and Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME). The infrastructure helps you gain insight and understand the failure and ageing mechanisms of materials, quantify material performance and predict component and structural behaviour in operation.

Our ICME concept is called VTT ProperTune®: a computational multiscale modelling-based methodology and software platform for performance-based material design, tailoring and optimisation. With VTT ProperTune® you can parse massive amounts of data and virtually model and analyse material behaviour on component, microstructural and atomic scales. By optimising material design and replacing time-consuming testing with virtual modelling, VTT ProperTune® can shorten time-to-market for new products by an average of 50%.

The materials performance infrastructure covers the whole lifecycle of different materials: from development to manufacturing, on to operation and maintenance, and all the way to ageing and lifetime extension. The materials covered range from metals and ceramics to cementitious materials.

Our key infrastructure:

For whom?

The materials performance infrastructure provides solutions for a wide range of industrial demands.

  • Process and energy industry
  • Marine and offshore industry
  • Engineering from aerospace to civil engineering
  • Nuclear operation and waste
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Mika Malkamäki
Mika Malkamäki
Solution Sales Lead, Knowledge-Driven Design
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Ari Koskinen
Technology manager