Nano- and microelectronics

Advanced nano- and microelectronics are at the core of tomorrow’s technology. VTT’s world-class research infrastructure enables innovation, design, prototyping and characterisation of nano- and microelectronic components as well as small scale manufacturing.

At VTT, we support our customers from the early innovation stage all the way to small-scale manufacturing and technology transfer. Our experts help you develop your next-generation solutions and bring them to market. 

VTT’s nano- and microelectronics research infrastructure supports the entire research and development cycle of technologies such MEMS, optical MEMS, hyperspectral, integrated photonics, 2D materials, piezo materials as well as superconductive and semiconductor technologies. 

Our key infrastructure in Micronova – Finland’s national research infrastructure for micro- and nanotechnology (Part of OtaNano)

  • The largest R&D cleanroom in the Nordic countries 
  • In-house pilot lines for semiconducting, integrated photonics, graphene and superconducting technologies 
  • Sensor development and characterisation laboratories 
  • Photonics and optics characterisation laboratories 
  • Wafer-level testing and probing facilities. 

Seeing beyond the obvious with high performance imaging technologies

Nano-thermoelectric infrared bolometers at VTT

We provide:

  • Research and development services from innovation to design, fabrication and characterisation 
  • Application-specific material development 
  • Heterogeneous integration and wafer-level packaging solutions 
  • Large IPR portfolio


  • Semiconductor suppliers 
  • Electronics industry 
  • Telecom industry 
  • Space & defence industry 
  • Medical industry 
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Tommi Suni
Tommi Suni
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