Annual reports

VTT is a Finnish non-profit limited liability company owned by the state. The company falls within the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. According to the law VTT is an independent and impartial research organisation. We operate as a research, development and innovation partner to help the society and companies to grow through technological innovations. In our annual and sustainability reports, we describe how we have achieved our targets each year. In addition, you can learn about our activities in the annexes Tax footprint, management and control, and Financial statement (in Finnish, we are sorry!). The salary and remuneration report is part of the Tax footprint, management and control annex.

VTT's year 2023: Greetings from the President & CEO

Crises highlight what we focus on at VTT – long-term research aimed at solving major challenges such as climate change and environmentally friendly food production. We believe that science and technology play an important role in this work. 

In the coming year, we want to target the public funding we received so that it helps companies make investments related to the clean transition and renewable materials. We are also continuing our journey towards VTT's own 2030 carbon neutrality goal. 

Antti Vasara
President & CEO 

Antti Vasara

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