Wearable electronics solutions


Smart wearable patches enable people to gain meaningful insight into their health and well-being. VTT has unique expertise in flexible electronics, in particular roll-to-roll production. With the help of our infrastructure and expertise, you can go from an idea to pilot manufacturing with ease.

Key facts about wearable electronics solutions

We are a full-chain R&D partner, providing the whole path from design to production and data analytics, and we can take you from idea to prototype.

Why do we need stretchable electronics? Wearable and even stretchable sensor patches offer novel opportunities for many healthcare and wellness applications. They can be flexible, soft, conformable, and even stretchable.

Our advanced data analytics, machine learning pipelines and wireless sensor platforms can be customised for each project.

Antti Kemppainen
Antti Kemppainen
Solution Sales Lead, Sensing Solutions