Meat alternatives research and development


Meat production is dependent on volatile supply chains and has a devastating environmental impact. At the same time, the global demand for meat is growing. To solve this conundrum, VTT can help you develop plant-based meat alternatives that taste good, minimise environmental impact, and provide great business results.

Key facts about meat alternatives

Our long experience enables turning a variety of raw materials into ingredients that form the expected texture and taste of meat alternatives

World-leading competencies help you perfect the flavour profile, mouthfeel and nutritional value of alternative meats. Scientific approach guarantees the validity and safety of raw materials, processes, and final products

Multidisciplinary teams provide holistic expertise from raw material selection and development based on local plants to taste and sensory perfecting and product prototypes to production piloting

Jukka Vainionpää
Jukka Vainionpää
Customer Account Lead