Strategic foresight

VTT supports companies in creating a competitive advantage in an increasingly uncertain operating environment known for rapid change and massive flow of information. VTT’s strategic foresight services help businesses to anticipate future trends and successfully lead towards a better future.

Key facts about strategic foresight

Understanding changes in the operating environment and identifying future growth opportunities, technologies and customer needs

Identifying strategic options through scenarios, visions and roadmaps

Creating future solutions by combining foresight data with VTT’s extensive excellence in industry and technology, for example with the help of business design

Success requires a clear vision of the future. VTT’s strategic foresight services help companies achieve sustainable business growth and renewal for the future. We identify new upcoming business opportunities and prepare for risks. 

Foresight is a basis for creating future-proof strategies, products and services. Studies have shown that companies investing in strategic foresight find decision-making environment less complex and are able to review their own organisation as part of broader development. Companies engaging in future-proofing and systematic foresight perform better financially.   

From examining the environment to co-creating new solutions

VTT’s strategic foresight process consists of five parts. We frame the starting point, examine the operating environment, identify alternative futures, identify strategic targets and create solutions. Our approach is comprehensive and practical.

VTT has unique concepts for the different work stages of the process:

  • Future Radar: identifies growth opportunities in a complex world. The Future Radar process uses a wide range of data sources to create a visual radar view of future opportunities, such as emerging technologies and business models. Future Radar can be utilised to support strategic planning and product and service development.
  • Future Customer: creates insights of future customers and consumer behavior to support decision-making, and helps turning these insights into business decisions and growth. Future Customer research combines the methods from different disciplines, producing a strategic vision for the development of customer-oriented business.
  • Futures Design combines business and service design methods with foresight work. Futures Design helps develop new products, services and, for example, business models based on identified future opportunities.

Business benefit is generated at all stages of the process. We identify future opportunities and threats, find priorities for RDI, provide structure to strategic options, create an inspiring future objective and engage both customers and other stakeholders. Our activities also strengthen the future capabilities of organisations and personnel.

VTT's strategic foresight process: 1. framing the situation 2. scanning the environment 3. exploring alternative futures 4. strategising actions 5. Cocreating new solutions

Extensive experience and expert network at your service

VTT ‘s experience in strategic foresight ranges from supporting businesses and innovation ecosystems of several actors, to the public sector and international research projects. In addition to applied foresight and foresight aiming for business benefits, we have mastered the scientific basis of strategic foresight and published related research in international scientific journals. In addition to our excellence in foresight, projects can benefit from our leading expertise in fields such as technology and industry with VTT’s 1,600 or so experts.

Ari Jussila

Ari Jussila

Solution Sales Lead