ICT & networks


Our research and development in the ICT and networks area accelerate data transfer and open up opportunities for new digital products and services in areas such as security, energy and transport.

VTT is an innovation partner for developing world-class communication network solutions for different industries and application areas, working with automotive, manufacturing, health, energy, transport, public safety, critical infrastructures and smart cities. Benefits come from new communication technologies, through enhanced reliability and security, performance and energy consumption. 

ICT research is at the forefront of solving some of the most pressing global problems, and seamless cooperation between AI, high-speed networks and cloud services is required to make ICT potent. At VTT, we develop solutions such as mobile drug detection by the police, optimisation of agricultural production and the remote measurement of patient respiration in a hospital environment. With us, you create commercial and scalable solutions for various business needs from lab to pilot.