Sustainable and smart packaging solutions


Sustainable packaging reduces food waste, cuts down carbon emissions, decreases loss of biodiversity and is an excellent fit for circular economy. VTT develops renewable raw materials into high-performance fiber and plastic packaging materials and smart packaging solutions from lab to pilot scale.

Key facts about sustainable and smart packaging solutions

Food and packaging waste can be tackled with sustainable and smart packaging. Our solutions enable transition from linear economy into circular bio-economy considering all the aspects of the product lifecycle from raw materials to recycling into new materials and reuse.

Packaging innovations can be scaled up via tailored piloting at VTT. We offer specialised piloting solutions for fibre and thermoplastic materials and their combinations from raw materials to final products.

Smart packaging enables e-commerce and reusable packaging logistic solutions that can result in more efficient storage and transportation of ambient, hot and cold goods.

Jaakko Kuusisaari
Jaakko Kuusisaari
Solution Sales Lead, Biomaterial Processing and Products