Sustainable and smart packaging solutions

Sustainable packaging reduces food and packaging waste, cuts down carbon emissions, and supports circular economy. VTT develops renewable raw materials into high-performance packaging materials and smart packaging solutions based on printed intelligence.

Key facts about sustainable and smart packaging solutions

Food and packaging waste can be tackled with sustainable and smart packaging.

Printed intelligence enables smart packaging solutions that can send information about the packaged product.

Packaging innovations can be scaled-up via piloting at VTT.

To reduce food losses and packaging waste, we urgently need sustainable and smart packaging solutions. Packaging has to enable economically and technically efficient logistics and product delivery through traditional stores or digital channels. Packaging material production is a large-scale industry, and thus scaling-up of the innovations from laboratory to piloting scale is essential. We help our customers reach sustainability goals though packaging development.


High performance packaging materials support circular economy

VTT has a large set of technologies to process raw materials into highly performing packaging material solutions and convert them into packaging prototypes. Natural materials such as wood pulp and industrial side streams are often the starting material. Our experts are successfully developing bio-based plastics for barrier properties needed to protect the valuable products. As an example, the prestigious Ellen MacArthur Foundation awarded VTT for our fully cellulose-based packaging solution.

Smart packaging helps consumers and improves logistics efficiency

In addition to product protection, packaging can also communicate with consumers and logistic chain actors - it can even be connected to the Internet through IoT.

We bring bio-based, resource-efficient, and smart packing solutions into the circular mainstream.

Packaging transmits information about the packaged product, and the environmental conditions affecting its quality. For example, packaging leakage can be revealed with a printed indicator that changes colour. Packaging can also draw attention, differentiate the product, and give guidelines about the appropriate way of package recycling.  

Autonomous sensor labels monitor the temperature of sensitive pharma or medical products continuously and accurately throughout the logistics. Functional, cost-efficient bar codes can be used in supply chain management, product authentication or quality indication. 

From concept to piloting

Our facilities are equipped with a comprehensive set of material processing machines, roll-to-roll surface treatment lines, and pilot-scale production lines for conventional and foamed materials and coatings. Our facilities for printed intelligence enable the development of smart packaging concepts. We offer also laboratories where our researchers will create and pretest solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Our customers come from the whole value chain of packaging and consumer products, including the raw material producers and converters.


Watch our Sustainable cellulose-based films for food packaging webinar recording here.

Jouni Lattu

Jouni Lattu

Customer Account Lead