Integrated photonics


Our integrated photonics solutions combine optical components and functions onto a single chip, enabling small footprint, high performance and low loss. From simple photonic sensors to complex systems like photonic computing and optical communication, our innovative approach integrates waveguides, photonic integrated circuits (PIC), modulators and lasers into semiconductor platforms.

VTT’s integrated photonics solutions offering

Our integrated photonics solutions enable the integration of optical systems into a small footprint (such as a single chip), promoting cost and power efficiency.

We offer low-loss specific photonic integrated circuits for highly efficient transmission and processing of optical signals with minimal signal degradation.

Photonic integrated circuits for various fields: data communications, sensing applications, LiDAR, medical, spectroscopy, quantum, 6G, wearable sensors, optical switching, and RF.

Tommi Suni
Tommi Suni
Customer Account Lead