Beyond 5G and 6G Networks

Each new network generation faces new expectations, and the rollout of 5G is no exception. New communications networks play a role in addressing the global challenges of digitalisation, robotisation and climate change and allow us to develop novel applications for industries. We work with companies on world-class technologies from 5G and future networks to next-generation sensors to accelerate data transfer and open up opportunities for new digital products and services.

Our expertise in Beyond 5G Networks

We develop technology for Beyond 5G (B5G) networks and conduct research on 6G

Our 5G and 6G expertise respond to industry needs and set our clients ahead of their competition

We support open solutions, i.e., open architecture and open control interfaces

We develop 5G and other network solutions with business value

VTT is an innovation partner for developing cutting-edge communication network solutions that benefit industries. We do research and development for communication networks and our strengths lie in understanding industry needs. We have experience in creating solutions for different domains including:

These and many other industries stand to benefit from new network technologies through enhanced reliability, performance and energy consumption. 

We have the ambition and the ability to develop solutions for even the most challenging environments. VTT has established a strategic partnership with European space organisation ESA with an aim to develop 5G communications networks for the needs of the space industry.

Improving network resource sufficiency

The exponential growth in the data carried over telecommunications networks and the number of network components pose challenges for network design and management. Network resource sufficiency is one of our central themes. We focus on intelligent network management solutions, measuring quality of service and utilizing big data for network management. End to end optimization of network resources, improving the quality of service for different vertical use case and enabling secure and trusted communications are our main research and development targets. 

Towards Beyond 5G and 6G networks

Originally, great expectations were set on 5G to become a universal network that connects everything to everything and allows almost limitless real-time applications, However, due to the limitations of the 5G architecture, available components and software solutions, requirements of the most challenging applications will not yet be met in the near future. Thus, many of the exciting – yet challenging – opportunities will have to wait for the Beyond 5G technology and some will not see the day light until 6G with its futuristic features is here.

We live in the era of sustainability. Beyond 5G and 6G networks should support sustainability while being stable, scalable, efficient, reliable, and agile.

Our research at VTT includes future network architecture for Beyond 5G, concept and technology development towards 6G systems, analytical and simulation-based network and protocol modelling, and practical implementation of proof-of-concept and pre-commercial prototypes. Our expertise covers the communication systems from radio technologies to core networks, Internet protocols and application and service protocols.

At VTT, our research focus is on:

  • networking issues
  • cyber security
  • air interface
  • front-end processing
  • transceiver components.

B5G networks demand new layers of security

We live in the era of sustainability. Beyond 5G and 6G networks should support sustainability while being stable, scalable, efficient, reliable, and agile. To support these goals, networks become more complex than existing ones. Network infastructure has to be extremely secured, trusted and dependable to fulfil very tight reliability requirements. In the long run, networks and the applications they support should also be ready for the quantum era. To tackle this challenge, VTT develops measures to secure networks, e.g., post-quantum cryptography.

With the latest communication technology solutions, we can help companies ensue the undisrupted operation of telecommunication networks and improve the reliability of their systems. This allows service providers to guarantee that the end-user experience is smooth and of high quality.

Cover art of the VTT whitepaper "Holistic approach to 6g networks"

Whitepaper: Beyond 5G networks

Your guide to reaching new perspectives on the development of 5G towards 6G networks.

Smart city and wireless communication network

Case: High-density network simulations pave the way for a connected world

VTT ran simulations that confirm the potency of the high-density ETSI DECT-2020 NR (New Radio) network technology promoted by Wirepas.

How to work with us? Our commercial operations and customer partnerships offering ranges around:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Research projects
  • Proof of concepts and evaluations
  • Pre-commercial R&D as a service
  • Prototypes incl. small scale production
  • Materials development and processes
  • Technology transfer projects
  • IPR licensing 
Pekka Karimaa

Pekka Karimaa

Head of Sales and Customer Partnerships