Data spaces


Data spaces enable the exchange of data in a secure and controlled environment, creating value and new business opportunities for different sectors. With vast expertise and cutting-edge infrastructure, we provide experimental data spaces as a service for companies interested in data economy and data sharing, as well as compatibility tests for existing IDS connectors.

Key facts

We cover the full value chain for data space solutions from sensors, communications and data sharing to applications, with a track record of successfully applying these solutions in sectors such as energy, precision farming, textiles and manufacturing.

The data space approach creates value by enabling the exchange of data in a trustworthy environment combined with usage control. Data spaces also create new business opportunities with cross-sectoral data exchange.

Our data space components hosted on our private cloud infrastructure can be used to create prototypes for different use cases.

Antti Kojola
Antti Kojola
Solution Sales Lead, Foresight and Data Economy