VTT FutureHub

What is VTT

We are a visionary research, development and innovation partner

We drive sustainable growth and tackle the biggest global challenges of our time and turn them into growth opportunities. We are at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together.

Why partner with us

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Building a team of a future

Innovation is created together. That's why we research and develop with companies, research institutes, universities, technology policy makers and research funders. Through our networks, our partners and clients have access to extensive international knowledge, expertise and ecosystems.


Our facilities at your service

VTT owns facilities such as laboratories and research centres, which are open for partners and collaborators.

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Join our team

Join the VTT team of over 2,000 brilliant minds tackling the biggest global challenges of our time through applied research and innovation.


The company falls within the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

The annual general meeting is the highest decision making body of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

Tasks of VTT Board include overseeing the implementation of the company strategy and being responsible for the profitability.

Executive leadership team supports the CEO in decision-making. 


We solve challenges together

We help our customers create new business and solve global challenges with science and technology. Through our cooperation, you will make a sustainable future for your business and get involved in domestic and international innovation networks.

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Governance and principles

VTT is a Finnish, fully state-owned limited liability company. We are committed to the principles of open science and open data, whenever possible. Read more about our governance and principles.

Corporate responsibilities

Responsibility shows in everything we do: it is our task to develop sustainable solutions for our customers and society. Read more about corporate responsibility.

Annual reports

Key facts and figures give you a deep dive into VTT's operations. Click to read VTT's annual reports.


VTT’s journey from the 1940s to the present day shows that science, technology and cooperation can turn even major societal challenges into opportunities for growth. Get to know VTT's story.