Powder piloting - Material solutions from powder to product


What if you could tailor your materials and manufacturing processes to create new, cost-efficient solutions against wear, corrosion and high temperatures? Or you could improve the reliability and lifetime of cutting tools by replacing traditional, hard metals with more environmentally friendly materials? What if you could utilise lathe chips as high value products and create new, sustainable business at the same time? VTT PowderPiloting enables all that and much more.

VTT PowderPiloting in a nutshell

Easy and reliable

We provide a one-stop solution for developing and evaluating the feasibility of new materials, process ideas and inventions.

We provide the right infrastructure and expertise in one location.

Fast and confidential

You’ll get your first results within a few weeks. Iterative development approach is ensured through close dialogue before, during and after the project.

All results are confidential.

Tangible results

We offer pilot-scale production for market validation and cost structure and feasibility verifiication.

We can provide the evidence you need to assure your customers.

Tuomas Pinomaa
Tuomas Pinomaa
Customer Account Lead