Powder piloting - Material solutions from powder to product

Imagine creating new cost efficient solutions against wear, corrosion and high temperatures by tailoring material and manufacturing process of your product. What if cutting tool reliability and lifetime could be improved by replacing the traditional hard metal by more environmental friendly material. How about utilising the lathe chips as high value products and creating new sustainable business? VTT PowderPiloting is all that and much more.

Key facts about powder piloting

Easy and reliable

We provide a one-stop solution to develop and check feasibility of new material and process ideas and inventions.

We have the infra and expertise in one location.

Fast & confidential

First results in few weeks. Close dialogue before, during and after the project. Interactive and iterative approach with you.

All results confidential.

Tangible results

Pilot scale production for market validation, cost structure and feasibility.

We can provide the first evidence for your customers.

We cover the whole production chain from powder manufacturing, consolidation and characterisation to creating components ready for performance.

VTT PowderPiloting boosts up your development from early stage feasibility studies to pilot scale processing and production of powder-based materials and components. We can also support you in adoption of resource efficient manufacturing and alternative materials for substitution. With VTT’s broad expertise and versatile facilities we can solve the missing information from your production chain.

VTT PowderPiloting sections listed
VTT’s comprehensive powder piloting services

Broad range of material and manufacturing solutions

  • Coatings
    • Cost efficient solutions against wear, corrosion and high temperatures
    • Tailoring material properties to fulfil performance criteria of harsh operation environments
  • Components
    • High performance components with cost-efficient and sustainable manufacturing
    • Tailoring component to meet the highest demands and standards
  • Functional additives
    • Graded or locally reinforced structures, added functionality like integrated catalytic properties or electro-magnetic properties
  • Circular economy
    • Alternative raw materials based solutions
    • Utilisation of secondary materials and industrial side-streams

VTT PowderPiloting is an extension to a company's own R&D

We have three decades of excellence and a wide selection of capabilities ranging from powder processing to post treatments and characterisation.

Powder manufacturing

  • Gas atomisation
  • Spray drying
  • Plasma spheroidisation
  • Mechanical alloying and mixing
  • Powder classification

Powder consolidation

  • Additive manufacturing (AM)
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Powder Injection Molding (PIM)
  • Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS)
  • Thermal spraying
  • Laser cladding

Post treatments and characterisation

  • Heat treatments
  • Surface treatments
  • Performance testing and validation
  • Powder characterisation and usability analysis

VTT PowderPiloting success stories

Optimisation of processes leads to new products. With VTT's expertise, Millidyne Oy was able to extend their product portfolio and commercialise a new product under Neoxide® trademark to HVOF ceramic coatings market.

VTT collaborated with Exote Oy to create new nanoalloy based material solutions for wear and corrosion protection also at high temperatures.

Renotech Oy and VTT developed a method replacing part of fireproof ceramics raw material with steel industry slag.

VTT’s powder technology enables novel 3D printed solutions. Powder materials can also offer a simple way to modification properties of base material. Versatility of powder-based additives offer almost unlimited possibilities, such as more sustainable and economic components based on graded or locally reinforced structures or added functionality like integrated catalytic properties or electro-magnetic properties.

Example cases


  • Nano structured carbide powder for thermal spraying to substitute of hard chromium coatings
  • Ceramic coating with enhanced ductility to protect valves
  • Composite coating for control Chlorine corrosion in waste incineration boiler


  • High temperature oxidation and erosion resistant material and burner component for power plant
  • Wear parts for mining applications based on critical raw material free novel hard metal
  • AM of soft magnetic alloys for electric machines

Functional additives

  • Catalytic powders for fuel cells
  • Magnetically modified powder additives for radar absorbing coatings
  • Reinforcing powder additives for metal castings
  • Self lubricant powders for friction control

Circular economy

  • Recycling Ti scrap to high-end powder for AM
  • Refractory ceramics based on steel industry by-products
  • Utilization mine tailings as a feedstock of ceramic injection molding
Tuomas Pinomaa

Tuomas Pinomaa

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