Measuring is so commonplace that you usually don't even think about it even though it is present when, for example, you fill up your car, check the weather or weigh your baby at the doctor's office. It is based on an international agreement, the International System of Units (SI Units). Reliable and accurate measurements are vital for global industry, commerce and safety. VTT’s metrology research infrastructure realises SI Units, performs high-level metrological research, develops measuring and calibration solutions in partnership with the industry and provides high-accuracy measurement services and calibrations of customer equipment.

New measurement solutions and technologies benefit digitalisation and the circular economy. It is essential to develop these as they help society to develop. It is also vital to ensure the reliability of the measurements currently in use.

VTT’s metrology infrastructure offers the most accurate measurements in Finland. We have the most sophisticated metrology laboratory environment for measurement-related R&D and metrology. Our high-performance metrology laboratory rooms have ultra-low levels of vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances, and temperature and humidity variations. We also have large-scale facilities for water and pulp flow measurements.

The metrology infrastructure is located at the Otaniemi Technology Campus in Espoo and the Renforsin Ranta business area in Kajaani. We are a part of the international metrology networks: European EURAMET and global CIPM.

Our key metrological competencies:

  • electrical quantities
  • time
  • frequency
  • acoustics
  • length and geometry
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • mass
  • pressure
  • force
  • torque
  • flow
  • optical spectroscopy

Our key infrastructure

High-accuracy measurement systems located in high-performance laboratory rooms (controlled air temperature and humidity, vibrations, electric power and electromagnetic environment).

Large flow facilities.

We provide:

  • traceable calibrations in our metrology competence areas
  • measurement uncertainty consultation and training 
  • precision time services and solutions 
  • optical measurement technologies for quality control 
  • metrology for high voltage and transient measurements 
  • dynamic pressure solutions 
  • active hyperspectral sensing and imaging solutions 
  • measurement solutions based on isotope spectroscopy 


  • companies that want to develop measurement and calibration technology or new methods
  • companies and other organisations that wish to validate their measurements and measurement methods and establish metrological traceability to SI unit system (e.g. pharmaceutical factories and the manufacturing industry)
  • companies that need highly accurate measurements (e.g. research institutes) 
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Martti Heinonen
Martti Heinonen
Kaj Nummila
Kaj Nummila
Solution Sales Lead, National metrology institute VTT MIKES