Industrial energy and hydrogen

Moving away from fossil fuels is one of the key steps in mitigating climate change. Hydrogen and industrial electrification has been predicted to be the solution of the future and an important factor in the creation of the carbon-neutral societies of tomorrow. VTT’s industrial energy and hydrogen technology infrastructure supports the reduction of CO2 emissions by substituting fossil fuels with electricity and hydrogen based solutions.

VTT’s research and piloting infrastructure is designed for the development of fuel cell technologies and for scaling up hydrogen and industrial decarbonisation processes.


Our key infrastructure:

  • Fuel cell and electrolysis development equipment
  • Combustion pilot plant enabling utilisation of various industrial feed-in materials for energy production
  • Electrically heated kiln for industrial electrification development and the demonstration of various industrial processes
  • Direct air capture (DAC) equipment to develop absorbent materials and to optimise process conditions for direct CO2 capture from air
  • Biogas process development infrastructure including biogas upgrading
  • Modelling and simulation tools to study and optimise new process concepts  

We provide: 

  • Pilot environment for process understanding and for designing carbon neutral industrial scale applications
  • Expertise in proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) as well as solid oxide fuel cell and electrolyser technologies (SOFC & SOEC)
  • Support in the development of fuel cell technologies and in scaling up hydrogen and industrial decarbonisation processes 


  • Process industry
  • Energy industry
  • Transportation industry 
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Pasi Kokko
Pasi Kokko
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Energy and Hydrogen