Bioindustry encompasses various technologies that strive towards increased resource efficiency and the ability to draw value from biomass.

Low carbon energy, biomass refining, recycling, waste utilisation and sustainable chemicals are all possible products of the bioindustry. As the potential of bioindustry is so massive, the interest towards its solutions spans across industries that have not traditionally used biotechnology solutions.  

VTT Design-Test-Build-Learn resembles classical engineering instead of the trial and error approach typical before in bioindustry.

VTT provides its customers with world-class expertise and technology development based on solutions for sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. Besides specific process technologies and process management tools, we offer our customers research, development and piloting services based on our research platforms in biotechnology, thermochemical processes and chemical technology. VTT’s Design-Test-Build-Learn approach has started to resemble classical engineering instead of the trial and error approach which has been typical in biotechnology.
One aspect of bioindustry is synthetic biology which has taken a leap of progress in recent years, especially in regards to how biological systems can be engineered for industrial use. The novel tools and technologies, such as SES and the genome editing tool CRISPR-Cas9, are significantly speeding up strain development work while improving our knowledge about biological systems. 

Jari Rautio
Jari Rautio
Solution Sales Lead