Diagnostic technologies

A photo of a person with a patch on one hand and a smart phone with diagnostic readouts in the other.

VTT provides solutions for all the elements needed in digital health: design, fabrication and verification of novel diagnostic technologies and concepts for health, wellness, food safety and environmental applications. 

Key facts

Diagnostic devices generate data for clinical decision support and AI. 

Diagnostic technologies can be used in health, wellness, environment and food applications.

Our fabrication chain covers material tailoring, component manufacture and device integration. 

What is more exciting than doing a pregnancy test and waiting for the two lines to appear? Soon it is possible to use similar tools every day, whether it is safe to dive into the lake, okay to eat the fish in the restaurant and continue enjoying your holiday without concern about food poisoning, or if you should choose running or stretching for your daily exercise. VTT helps to develop reliable, easy to use, affordable tools for these types of diagnostics applications.

Health tech to ease usability

VTT offers all the elements needed for developing affordable solutions for personalised diagnostics and monitoring. Our diagnostic technologies portfolio covers everything to develop tools and systems for disposable diagnostics.

Integrated diagnostic systems can be produced at high volumes with low cost.

The photonic, electrical or microfluidic functionalities of the integrated devices can comprise sampling, sample pre-treatment and actual sensing, to meet “just add sample” operation and therefore making the usage comfortable. We also have expertise in antibody discovery and production, assay platforms and detection device development.

The developed intelligent sensors can be linked to conformable plasters, which are attached directly on the skin instead of wearable devices. The sensors can monitor our pulse or activity and even reveal the composition of the sweat. These diagnostic devices can also communicate with the phone through their Bluetooth of NFC chips and the information can be shared with a doctor, personal trainer or family member.

Lab-to-fab: test the concept at volumes

The grand vision of personalised diagnostics relies on the assumption that integrated diagnostic systems can be produced at high volumes with low cost. This is relevant not only at the commercialisation phase but required already at piloting or proof-of-concept production.

VTT has developed technologies to produce affordable, everyday sensors and test strips using printing technologies. Instead of usual graphics we are printing chemically, biochemically and electrically functional inks to achieved tests and sensors.

To bin the devices in a green way, VTT is currently realising the diagnostic technologies and devices from sustainable materials.