Diagnostic technologies

VTT provides R&D services and upscaling solutions for novel and integrated diagnostics devices in predictive and preventive health care, food safety and environmental monitoring.

Key facts about diagnostic technologies

Accelerated design and development of diagnostic devices through VTT’s unique pilot infrastructure

Low-cost diagnostic devices can help to generate continuous data for clinical decision support and AI

We can tailor antibodies to detect specific molecules such as protein biomarkers, toxins, hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and food contaminants

Our biosensor and wearables group is part of VTT’s Sensing and Integration research area which combines competences in recombinant antibody and assay development, printed and hybrid biosensors, optoelectronics, wearable device design, material science and biotechnology. One of VTT’s key differentiators in diagnostics and wearable device development is the unique pilot manufacturing infrastructure, which allows prototype upscaling studies early on in the development cycle. Key research and development focus areas include:

  • Assay development for:
    • rapid immunoassays in different diagnostics platforms including FRET, arrays-in-wells, lateral flow assays (LFA)
    • nucleic acid assays
    • printed electrochemical sensors
  • Tailored recombinant antibody development and production:
    • antibodies for diagnostic and analytical applications including VTT’s proprietary immune complex antibody technology
    • therapeutic antibodies for pre-clinical studies
    • discovery of new antibodies from phage display libraries
    • production and purification services
  • Innovative biosensor platforms and next generation devices in combination with unique and high-value recombinant antibodies
  • Highly sensitive and reliable diagnostic instruments and tools for use at home and at POC-settings in different applications fields
  • Upscaling and roll-to-roll (R2R) pilot manufacturing of microfluidic devices on several substrates (foil, paper, PDMS)
  • Printed sensors and indicators for easy-to-use food and environmental safety tests

Research infrastructure

  • PrintoCent Pilot Factory
  • Pilot line for roll-to-roll (R2R) PDMS device processing for microfluidic applications and surface functionalization
  • Biolab for next generation lateral flow assay (LFA) and microfluidic chip assay and manufacturing development

VTT is part of MedPhab - European Pilot Line for Photonic Medical Devices.

Ralph Liedert

Ralph Liedert

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