Sustainable textiles

VTT provides R&D&I services and technologies related to novel textile fibre manufacturing from renewable raw materials applying sustainable processes.

Key facts about sustainable textiles

Textiles are essential and their demand is increasing rapidly. 

VTT develops sustainable technologies for producing textile fibres from renewable raw materials.

Textile industry can gradually shift from fossil to sustainable raw materials. 

Comfort clothing from wood applying novel sustainable processes. Hypoallergenic material for personal and health care.  

Textiles are essential but the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries. Textile fibres can however be manufactured in a sustainable way from renewable and recovered materials applying environmentally friendly processes. Cellulose form certified forest resources are the most promising raw material in great amounts not threatening the food production chain nor water resources. 

Novel technology for sustainable textiles

Clothing is increasingly casual and personal care requires comfort. Currently VTT is developing Biocelsol technology producing most user-friendly fibres. The process does not apply hazardous chemicals in spinning and no after bleaching. The fibres composed pure cellulose only are hypoallergic, therefore being suitable for personal hygiene and health care. Further, the fibres have great adjustable moisture management capacity. The process is adaptable on current viscose processes and thus an attractive sustainability revamp. VTT quest industrial partners to co-develop the technology and product applications. 

Emerging sustainable textile industry

VTT has quarter-century experience in regenerated textile fibres, up-to-date knowledge and versatile research facilities for developing and upscaling new technologies for producing cellulose-based textile fibres from laboratory- to pilot-scale. Recently two spin-off companies have started to commercialise textile fibre technologies developed at VTT.

VTT service offering for regenerated fibres

VTT offers R&D&I services related to manufacturing of textile fibres from raw material pretreatments to characterisation of produced fibres, including conceptual process design and techno-economic assessments. Often our customers would like to know the suitability of their raw material for textile fibre manufacturing and the processing required.

Erkki Hellen

Erkki Hellen

Solution Sales Lead