Hyperspectral technologies and hyperspectral imaging


Hyperspectral technology enables us to detect what our eyes can’t see. The technology allows for a detailed observation of the spectral signature in a range of materials. We can differentiate materials from a distance or detect biological conditions in humans. The data acquired unleashes new opportunities for a wide range of industries from consumer applications such as food and health to remote sensing and Earth observation.

Key facts

Hyperspectral imaging can be used to identify the chemical composition of an object. The technology can be integrated into mobile phones as well as nanosatellites.

VTT’s hyperspectral technologies enable both low-cost solutions that don’t compromise performance as well as extremely high-performance solutions.

VTT has developed a unique, software-defined, tuneable Fabry-Perot filter technology that allows us to select the spectra we want to analyse.

Philippe Monnoyer
Philippe Monnoyer
Customer Account Lead