Fibre materials technology

The demand for sustainable and renewable materials is increasing. With VTT you can create new bio-based materials viable for the circular economy and methods for manufacturing them more efficiently.

The fibre materials technology platform allows you to experiment and develop new cellulose fibre-based material solutions for packaging, construction and textile applications.

When you need an extra push to take your new materials from the laboratory phase to large-scale research in the industry, VTT is the right companion for you. With us you can pilot your solutions and minimise the risks involved. Our pilot-scale machines provide advanced measurements and accurate information for your needs.

VTT’s research infrastructure consists of laboratory facilities and two unique pilot lines. In addition to the traditional wet-laid process, our infrastructure enables the production of recyclable and sustainable materials for several applications by foam forming technology. Our laboratory facilities and expert teams support your research excellently. The infrastructure is located in Jyväskylä.

Our key infrastructure:

  • Paper and board making piloting
  • Foam forming piloting
  • Sustainable fibre products piloting 
  • Nonwoven piloting
  • Analysis laboratory for fibre and nonwoven products
  • Multiphase flow laboratory
  • Rheology laboratory
  • Web forming laboratory
  • Water foam and air-laid web forming laboratory 

We provide:

  • Product and process development services
  • Partnership
  • Pilot and laboratory scale material and process development
  • Development and upscaling 


  • Paper, board, tissue and nonwoven producers
  • Machine suppliers
  • Chemical suppliers
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Brand owners 
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Kristian Salminen
Kristian Salminen
Harri Kiiskinen
Harri Kiiskinen
Principal Scientist