Apros® dynamic process simulation software

With Apros® software you can build a digital model of a power plant, a process plant, or a city energy system, for operator training, safety analysis, automation testing and virtual commissioning, and many other purposes. Apros® is a registered trademark of VTT and Fortum.

Key facts: Apros® simulation software

Dynamic simulation pays back through better performance of production systems and improved human capacity.

Apros is VTT and Fortum’s simulation software used by hundreds of experts all over the world to ensure the safety and efficiency of plants and other systems.

Apros is used for the modelling and simulation of for example power and process plants and ship energy systems.

Apros is a dynamic analysis and simulation software product developed by VTT and Fortum. Since 1986, Apros has been used for the simulation of thermal and nuclear power plants. Moreover, Apros has been used to simulate, for instance, pulp and paper production, desalination plants, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems, district heating and cooling networks, concentrating solar power (CSP) plants, molten salt heat storage and transfer, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) systems. We keep on exploring for new potential application areas!

Simulate – don’t speculate!

Apros applications and benefits:

  • Safety analysis – reduce risks and convince the safety authority
  • Engineering support – check the controls and dimensioning well in advance
  • Automation testing – shorten commissioning time
  • Operator training – knowledge transfer by involvement.

Apros advantages: 

  • Comprehensive model libraries for process, automation and electrical systems 
  • Modern user interface with intuitive graphical access and powerful scripting 
  • Wide validity range due to mechanistic, i.e. phenomenon-based approach 
  • Solid validation scheme applied to each release 
  • Open interfaces for real time data exchange and use of engineering data 
  • Stable and continuous development, and active user community. 

Our collaboration models are flexible

We can carry out safety analysis, engineering support and optimisation studies or build up simulation systems for your use. Alternatively, we can offer Apros software licenses, providing all the support you need to build up of your own simulation applications. We also provide software tailoring and integration services, involving top experts from the Apros product development organisation to ensure the best support.

We are constantly looking for Apros license sales agents.

This is how it works

The Apros model is created by simply selecting components such as valves, pipes, pumps, tanks, measurement devices and controllers from model libraries, adding them on the diagram canvas, connecting them and entering parameter values through data sheets. The input data consists of physical dimensions, correlations e.g. pump curves, control parameters etc. After the data has been entered, the model can be run similarly to operating the real plant. 

For more information about Apros® software, please visit the product webpage

Example case: GE Power

Power plant business empowered by a dynamic digital twin

GE Power is constantly working on the efficiency, flexibility, environmental sustainability and cost optimization of both existing power plants and new plant designs. They use Apros® Thermal for the modelling and dynamic simulation of power plants and energy systems.


  • Cost and time savings due to early information about plant dynamics
  • Less risks due to a variety of analysis and training
  • New business through the use of a digital twin as a development and test environment
Matti Paljakka

Matti Paljakka

Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear energy