Defence and security


How to secure the defence technological and industrial base? The defence issues are involved with anything from underwater to space. This means research and development of various next generation solutions to all sectors from civil to security to military and vice versa.

Key facts about VTT and defence

VTT comes from NATO's strictest country in terms of total national defence. 

We are at the forefront of research and development in strategic key areas such as communication, quantum and space technologies including e.g. 6G, data fusion and analysis, cyber security, microelectronics development and hyperspectral imaging. 

VTT’s core competence also covers material technology, solutions for arctic conditions, CBRN protection, and synthetic biology. The dual-use of cutting-edge Finnish civilian technology that VTT develops offers a significant advantage to the defence industry.

A prime example of our cutting-edge advancements in imaging technology is hyperspectral imaging. This next-generation imaging technology finds its relevance in a broad range of surveillance applications. Within the defence and security sectors, hyperspectral imaging plays a pivotal role in detecting anomalies and identifying substances such as artificial camouflage materials, toxic chemicals, biological agents, and explosives. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we have developed applications that extract pertinent information from multisensory data, incorporating various spectral characteristics.  

Furthermore, our expertise extends to space technologies, encompassing advanced RF components, communication systems, and sensor and imaging technologies. These advancements contribute significantly to the development of defense capabilities. Notably, next-generation remote sensing solutions are implemented in military applications, enabling our armed forces to benefit from civilian 5G and 6G technologies, which we are actively pioneering.

VTT's arctic and ship technology research provides desired capability for various military systems including drones and naval ships operating harsh cold environments of Polar regions. Our research covers ship performance, ice-structure interaction for hull and propulsion as well as operation simulations. Harsh cold environmental conditions for other military systems can be also evaluated and tested by VTT. We also have extensive experience in the lifecycle management of vehicles and aircraft, as well as the related repair and maintenance measures.

VTT has been our trusted partner in the realm of applied technology research. We have greatly benefited from their extensive technology portfolio and their ability to integrate diverse technologies, thereby creating new capabilities.
Petteri Alinikula, CTO, Saab Finland Ltd.

As one of Europe's foremost research institutes and a significant developer of defense technologies, VTT operates on an international scale, engaging in collaborations for various defense projects, including those supported by the European Defense Fund (EDF). Our esteemed clientele includes major defense sector companies in Europe and the United States, showcasing our commitment to providing innovative solutions across borders.

To underscore our commitment to excellence and industry standards, we are proud to announce that VTT has achieved acceptance into the JOSCAR accreditation register. JOSCAR, the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, is an exclusive and prestigious invitation-only accreditation that necessitates successful completion of a stringent qualification process. Being listed on the JOSCAR register signifies our status as an approved supplier within the aerospace, defense, and security industries. To view our JOSCAR Registered certificate, please click here.

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