Nuclear energy

The safe, sustainable and efficient use of nuclear energy requires strategically focused research, continuous development and strenuous focus on high quality. The VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety provides the needed facilities and expertise for anything from radioactive materials testing to computational safety analyses to elemental and isotopic analyses and more.

VTT’s research facilities provide experimental and computational research, development and technical support services to customers domestically and internationally.

Our research facilities focus on three main areas: reactor safety, nuclear waste management and radiochemistry. In addition to these, we provide interfaces to other technologies in e.g. materials science, probabilistic methods, civil engineering, instrumentation and control.

Our key infrastructure:

  • Hot cells
  • Aerosol laboratory
  • Radiochemistry laboratory 
  • Impact facility
  • Clay laboratory 

We provide: 

  • Mechanical testing and characterisation of radioactive materials
  • Analytical microscopy of radioactive materials
  • Measurements of gamma, beta and alpha radioactivity of materials
  • Chemical analyses across the periodic table
  • Aerosol generation and analyses for nuclear severe accident simulations
  • Bentonite clay handling and testing facilities (including instrumented hot triaxial compression) 


  • Regulators and industry bodies 
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Matti Paljakka
Matti Paljakka
Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear Energy