TRA2020 virtual Strategic session: Industrialising innovation.

02150 Espoo


Tämä webinaari on osa Transport Research Arena 2020 -ohjelmaa. TRA2020-konferenssi oli tarkoitus järjestää Helsingissä huhtikuussa 2020. Rekisteröidy nyt (linkki sivun alareunassa) ja tule perjantaina 26.6.2020 klo 14-15.30 kuuntelemaan mielenkiintoisia esityksiä ja paneelikeskustelua seuraavista aiheista:

New technologies and services allow for disruptive innovation in the transport sector as part of the wider context of collaborative and circular economies. This offers the promise of a more competitive and prosperous society as well as solutions to great societal challenges. However, many non-European start-ups are driving the transformation. For Europe to claim its position in today’s competition and disruptive innovation, we need policy that supports European innovation and creates future markets.

How can we make research and innovation cut through transport sector and transport policy? How do we create the right kind of regulative environment that allows for experimentation and innovation, provides direction and stability as well as safeguards for the society? How do we close the financing gap of European innovators? How do we collaborate for systemic innovation at European level?

This session highlights the role and importance of research and innovation in regulatory systems and in access to finance. The session shall debate and analyse different instruments and tools needed for seizing and realising the emerging opportunities in the transport sector.


Heidi Korhonen, Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


  • Keith Sequeira, Head of Unit of TF1 - "EIC Governance & Coordination" - "European Innovation Council" Task Force
  • Elsa López Formoso, Loan Officer of Infrastructure, New Products and Special Transactions, European Investment Bank
  • Sauli Eloranta, Professor of Practice, Safety and Security, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Neil Pedersen, Executive Director, Transportation Research Board
  • Jens-Philipp Klein, Managing Partner, Atlantic Labs
  • Juan Vicen, Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer, Zeleros 

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Heidi Korhonen
Heidi Korhonen