VTT ProperTune for optimal material design



​Advanced materials behaviour modelling

VTT ProperTune® is an advanced computational modelling-based m​aterial design methodology. ProperTune optimises material design, replacing expensive, time consuming testing and shortening time-to-market for new products by an average of 50%. It is a methodology that can parse massive amounts of data to virtually model and analyse material behaviour on component, microstructural and atomic scales.

Accurately mimic most materials and coatings

Our portfolio of software modules can be integrated to solve specific problems. With ProperTune you can digitally mimic industrial materials to accurately predict how they will behave under real service conditions. We can apply accurate modeling to a wide variety of materials and surface coatings such as metals, ceramics, elastomers, plastics, composite structures, sandwich structures and biomaterials, among others.

Use VTT ProperTune® for optimal material design

 VTT ProperTune® is a tool capable of analysing massive amounts of experimental data. It is used to optimise a wide variety of material properties such as lifetime endurance, wear and corrosion resistance, and fracture and fatigue durability. If you would like to shorten your time-to-market and save cost, VTT is at your service.

Click to see how a hard composite surface deforms when scratched!Click to see how the atoms behave when forming to a low friction diamondlike surface!
Click to see the stresses in an erosion resistant rubber coating when hit!



Presentations of the VTT ProperTune® concept and modelling techniques and solutions:

VTTProperTune environment

Modelling assisted design - a route for tailored material performance




VTT ProperTune® has been developed together with our industrial partners and applied to their critical components in mechanical machines and devises. See below more information on some of our industrial reference cases.

VTT ProperTune​® references



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