AI for industry

Artificial intelligence solutions can optimise industrial processes and plants, and even lead to autonomous production. VTT helps industrial companies create AI solutions that turn data into better decisions and more efficient processes.

Key facts: AI for industry

We manage the whole AI value chain from design, sensing, analytics to decision support for operative work.

AI helps optimise the use of raw materials, timing of actions and quality management, and supports process operators in better decision-making. 

We support the transformation to autonomous industrial production.

How can industrial companies better exploit the huge amounts of data they collect? How can they optimise their production or process chain? What is the benefit of AI for industrial companies?  

Industrial manufacturing is moving towards autonomous production. This transformation is happening step by step: decreasing manual work, improving processes, increasing the accuracy of actions and quality of products based on knowledge and data. The use of artificial intelligence can significantly support the operational actions by estimating the use of raw materials, timing of actions, managing quality and supporting decision-making of process operator. 

Combining data and domain knowledge allows informed decision-making,  
leading the way to autonomous industrial production 

We at VTT strive to help people make better decisions, and to automate decision-making. Looking through data and knowledge, we help people make informed decisions, leading the way to autonomous industrial production.

From sensors to plant-wide optimisation

Our data analytics chain, from sensing to decision support and visualisation, forms the basis of plant-wide optimisation. We extend data analytics and other tools to create value to the entire value chain, including the customers of the process industry focusing on quality.

VTT’s multidisciplinary approach provides actionable decision-making support from operator level up. In process operation and maintenance, this decision-making support, implemented as part of a mill’s existing information systems, empowers process personnel to better understand the current situation and to take optimal actions. In the process development and engineering phase, our approach shortens the time from lab to fab, allowing industrial companies to, for example, reduce the number of planned pilot experiments required.

AI paves the way to autonomous industry

VTT has strong competence in both artificial intelligence and understanding of industrial processes. Utilising different artificial intelligence technologies and tools such as machine learning, simulation and modelling with industrial process data we develop solutions to improve industrial processes and maximise product quality.

Example case: SSAB & Outokumpu

Driving steel production productivity with an intelligent quality monitoring system

Ensuring consistent quality in the complex steel production process is of utmost importance in through process chain, as process failures lead to costly delays and yield losses. To tackle this issue, VTT developed an intelligent quality monitoring system for SSAB and Outokumpu. It uses mathematical models for real-time quality predictions during processing.  ​


  • Early detection of process failures ​with accurately identified root causes and immediate process adjustments​
  • Significant time and cost savings​ with less process failures and quality deviations optimising raw material and resource usage​
  • Predictable and consistent quality​ that improves productivity, reliability, sustainability  and customer satisfaction​
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Markku Kivinen

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Erkki Hellen

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