Transformation of industrial work


Global economic uncertainties have led to widespread resignations and labour shortages, especially in jobs perceived as unfulfilling or vulnerable to economic fluctuation. Growing competition, rising energy prices and the need to achieve the objectives for sustainable development accelerate the transformation of industry. The industry must therefore become more networked, the level of automation must be further increased, and the outcome and quality of work must be optimised by means of smart technology. With VTT’s expertise, you can modify current jobs and create new ones to make working in the industry safe, satisfying and appealing in the decades to come.

Key facts: transformation of industrial work

To attract the best experts, we need to focus on employee well-being and freedom of choice in industrial jobs. New technologies are not intrinsic but help to achieve the objectives of work and solve challenges.

Employee well-being increases when work is tailored to the capabilities, skills and preferences of individual workers.

As humans continue to play an important part in industry, increasing the well-being of workers improves productivity and social sustainability.

Sini Rytky
Sini Rytky
Solution Sales Lead, Cognitive Production Industry