Industrial chemistry

Our industrial chemistry infrastructure supports companies in developing and piloting sustainable chemical processes. The facilities can be used for research and innovation projects from the laboratory to a larger pilot scale.

The industrial chemistry infrastructure housed in the VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre offers a world-class setting for the experimental development of chemical process technologies. Our facilities enable you to pilot new technologies and find the right solutions before committing to big investments.

Our key infrastructure:

  • A multi-purpose process chemistry pilot plant with large-scale pressure reactors integrated to versatile downstream processing units
    • Multi-purpose chemical reactors:  60–1800 dm3, up to 50 bar and 250°C
    • Lödige reactors/dryers/evaporators: 5–600 dm3
    • Pilot-scale separation units: filters, disc separators, decanters centrifuge, membrane filters
    • Lab and bench scale chemical reactors, counter-current extractor
    • Capabilities to handle dangerous and flammable chemicals
  • Lab to bench scale facilities for CO2 utilisation
    • CO2 conversion to synthesis gas with reverse water gas shift (rWGS)
    • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis from lab to bench scale (from 10 g/day to 10 kg/day production)
    • Catalyst manufacturing and testing, reactor testing
  • High-pressure automatised reactors for solid catalyst testing and development
    • Four parallel reactors and two feeding lines
    • Up to 450°C and 180 bar possible

We provide infrastructure for:

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Polymerisations
  • Biomass treatment
  • Catalyst development and testing
  • CCU and P2X demonstrations
  • Extractions
  • Separation processes


  • Process industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Energy industry
  • Refining industry
  • Start-ups, SMEs and RTOs
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Kristoffer Lund
Kristoffer Lund
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Chemistry
Antero Laitinen
Antero Laitinen