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Smart industry



Arctic and cold climate solutions »

Our research focus is on sustainable and safe solutions for offshore, marine, coastal and infra structures and operations in harsh and demanding cold climate environments.


Autonomous systems drive efficiency and safety »

Autonomous solutions can already boost your business performance now.
Learn more how VTT can help you make better use of automation.


Digital engineering and efficient products and design »

We offer performance optimisation and we develop solutions for new energy sources and zero or close to zero emission vehicles and machines.


Factory of the future »

At VTT we help specialized, modern manufacturers to find customers far into the future.

Factory of the future -business line creates models for successful industry to various business areas.

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Industrial Internet »

Industrial Internet technologies are a core VTT competency. With our insight, you can quickly identify the best ways of improving your processes.  We will also furnish you with enabling technologies and help you in the successful deployment of Industrial Internet Big Data technologies.


​​​Industrial process efficiency and management »

Leverage VTT’s deep understanding of process phenomena for more efficient control. We can introduce new technologies and pilot solutions, from lab scale to full-scale pilot.


Lifetime productivity and safety »

VTT is the agent of change for a growing number of enterprises looking to create and implement new value partnerships and networks for global asset management.


Metals and minerals recovery and reuse »

VTT leverages a deep understanding of material behaviours to help clients close cycles and achieve better metallic and mineral materials reuse.


Printed and hybrid manufacturing services »

Customers of VTT Printed Intelligence benefit from our unique offering, which combines pilot-scale R&D services and supporting intellectual property rights.


Process and analytical measurement »

We combine expertise in optical engineering, instrumentation and measurement science with deep application knowledge to solve challenging technical problems.


SimulationStore »

SimulationStore is a concept to offer VTT's modelling and simulation related software applications and services to our customer from a dedicated website.


Smart lighting »

We help our customers to integrate lighting and ICT technologies for new, cost-effective functionality and thus help lighting industry clients make the leap to connected lighting.  


Space technologies »

We have a long history of collaborating with European Space Agency and we have an ESA External Laboratory on millimetre wave technology.

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Why partner with VTT?

  1. We offer our customers and partners multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business competences. Several strong scientific focus areas create a flexible platform for radically new technology and business development.

  2. We have world-class research environments and solid IPR assets. Benefit from our unique R&D infrastructure which enables the development chain from basic research and process development up to prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our intellectual property is considerable and we are flexible on the terms of intellectual property developed in commissioned research and development projects.

  3. We have a proven track record: 9% of Global Fortune 500 companies are already our customers. By engaging in collaboration with us, they have promoted the creation of new businesses, improved current processes, practices and products and boosted the productivity of their R&D activities.


The creation of an engineering tool, together with the connection between tests at material and system level, helped to inspire use. We shall take advantage of this newly acquired knowledge based on VTT ProperTune developments, in our future products.

Petteri Valjus, Technology Manager R&D, KONE Oy


VTT's energy efficient and low cost AE sensor could enable us to integrate valve leakage measurement within process valve packages. Valve tightness is crucial in any processes and to be able to predict valve condition is very important.

Sami Hakulinen, R&D Manager, Metso Automation