Business development from industrial and data-based services

VTT supports companies to take the next step of digitalisation and data-based services. VTT’s experience in the research related to drafting and developing data-based services, managing industrial assets as well as exploring and understanding customer needs and value can boost new business development related to data e.g. from industrial assets and environments.

Key facts: business development from industrial and data-based services

Support for strategic level decision-making

Understanding the value of data for the company itself and its network actors and ecosystem

Creating data-based service offering based on the end customers’ future needs, in the changing business environment

Business development of industrial and data-based services

Developing new services, data-based services in particular, may mean a significant change in current business - in the adoption of new technologies, relationships with the customers, and responsibilities regarding the lifecycle of the assets, just to name few. However, creating new services enabled by digitalisation may stand for a significant economic potential. In order to develop new business and services around data, it is critical to create a digitalisation strategy or data business strategy, and understand customers’ business and needs thoroughly as well as the opportunities related to new technologies, emerging business models and best practices in industry. 

VTT supports the transformation towards service company

VTT supports businesses on the transformation path by mapping business potential and value for customers, designing data-based services, creating business models, and by developing practices to maintain and manage the assets. We have experience from various companies and industries, their technologies and services. We are a team full of business and technology experts that can be brought together to solve companies’ challenges and to give support on the change path.

Make the most of digitalisation through long-term development

Small steps and projects are suitable for increasing understanding and trials. However, developing data-based business requires long-term strategic thinking, and collaboration of all company functions. Therefore, starting long-term development efforts towards data-based business, a specific growth programme, with committed resources and required expertise can be beneficial. VTT’s role in a company’s growth programme can vary from small development co-operation to value partnership.

Creating new services enabled by digitalisation may stand for a significant economic potential. 

BMH Technology, a long-term collaboration partner and customer of VTT, wanted to make most of digitalisation. In collaboration with us, BMH launched a growth programme called BMH Value Creator to build new capabilities for providing novel customer value.

Take the next step of digitalisation and data-based services with VTT

VTT’s previous experience on growth programmes and development of the services can be utilised in developing new businesses around data from industrial assets and environments.

We create services in close collaboration with the customer. We also take into account the end customers and the whole partner network. While services are co-created, VTT brings methods and tools for facilitating the process, as well as our experiences and benchmarks from previous projects.  


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Jyrki Poikkimäki

Jyrki Poikkimäki

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