Reveal hidden errors and verify your safety-critical I&C systems with VTT Model checking


Is your automation system fail-safe? VTT Model checking reveals hard-to-detect I&C logic design issues that can potentially cause damage to production assets, loss of production and even danger to people and the environment. VTT has a decade of experience in the verification of nuclear industry systems. Our team is able to ensure the reliability and usability of safety or cost critical systems on various domains, e.g. railway, aviation, infrastructure or chemical industry.

Key facts

Model checking helps you prevent disasters, both in terms of safety and profit.

The analysis is 100% exhaustive against the stated requirements. If a scenario that will breach the requirement is possible, model checking will find it.

Already a well-established practice in Finnish nuclear industry!

Matti Paljakka
Matti Paljakka
Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear Energy