VTT FireProof to ensure fire safety

Cruise ships, trains and planes are grander than ever. Materials develop and safety standards evolve constantly. Fire safety assessment is an essential part of product development and design. Ensure that it isn’t an expensive afterthought.

Key facts about material and product fire testing

Expert support throughout the product development ensures that fire safety is not an expensive afterthought

Thorough analysis of the fire performance helps you to show that your product meets the regulations

Proven safety, no matter what you’re building or designing. We are an independent agent that believes in firesafe transportation.

Ships, trains, planes and other mass transit vehicles should solve the challenges of climate-friendly travel while impressing customers with brilliant design. New material innovations, yet unknown to traditional fire safety design, emerge constantly across industries including transportation. Fire safety standards and energy efficiency directives of EU and other regulatory parties evolve constantly adding challenges to efficient and rapid development and design.

VTT FireProof is a holistic fire safety service that includes the assessment of materials, products and structures in the product development phase as well as support in the testing and classification phases. We want to make sure that we produce impact through scientific and technological excellence in close co-operation with our customer.

How to guarantee adequate fire safety when regulations are stricter than ever and empirical data on the fire behaviour of the new materials is hard to acquire?

We are heading towards growing share of virtual testing and optimisation of materials and designs to be both sustainable and high performing at a competitive cost. This transformation is giving us computational technologies such as new ways of analysing materials in a multiscale manner and the development of AI-based solutions for detecting issues early before they affect your business. Our success has always been founded in high-level expertise and fast exploiting of new technology.

The VTT approach to fire testing

We’re an independent party. We will increase the credibility of the fire safety design process.

Expertise across disciplines. We have an unbeatable network of scientists and experts from different fields.

Profound fire safety expertise. With our strong expertise and experience we apply the best methods for the analysis of fire behaviour and effects.

Cutting-edge fire performance simulation. We are a member of the development community of the most used fire simulator in the world: Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS).

Requirements and regulations are a driving force. We help you to get the needed data, arguments and written materials for the authorities for smooth market entry.

New data about materials. We provide you with necessary data with our customised solutions, utilising e.g. experimental and computational methods and combining them.

Innovative use of material data. We analyse materials, products and designs in a multiscale manner i.e. from laboratory to real world and from experiments to simulations.


Mika Malkamäki

Mika Malkamäki

Solution Sales Lead